Glass Photo Frame Sublimation

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Glass Photo Frame Sublimation 4.3x6.3 Inches

Glass Photo Frame Sublimation 4.3x6.3 Inches

This sublimable frame is covered with an internal white layer, where the impression is made.
In addition, the edges of the sublimation glass are beveled, so the frame does not have sharp edges.
The glass frame is very durable so the photo on the glass will not fade and it is waterproof.
The glass photo frames are an idea to give as for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, awards, etc.
The sublimation glass frames have a modern design and a simple shape, this original frame is a decoration to decorate any interior.


Print on sublimation paper, do not mirror image
Don't stick the thermal tape on the printable side
Print the glass frame with printable side facing the heat platen
Recommended Heat Press Flat and Preheat silicone mat for better result
Temperature: 360°F (180°C) 120-180 seconds
Medium pressure, or the glass photo frame will broken